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HGM01-NW Gene Nomenclature Workshop

This is an archived page. The information displayed has not been updated.

HGM01-NW Gene Nomenclature Workshop

"Looking at genes in the draft human sequence"
Thursday April 19, 2001
Ochil Room 3
Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Morrison Street.

This nomenclature workshop will take place in Edinburgh as a satellite meeting before HGM 2001 (, in the morning of 19th April.

Workshop Report


Following the success of the workshop held before the 50th Annual ASHG Meeting, we are holding another small meeting to discuss the human genomic draft sequence and its annotation and interpretation within the various online databases. Participation will be open to all, but we ask that you notify us in advance of your intent to attend.


09:00    Review of ASHG-NW - Hester Wain (HGNC)
09:10    "Genome Annotation with Ensembl" Tim Hubbard (Sanger)
09:30    "Annotating genes at NCBI" Donna Maglott (NCBI)
09:50   Chaired discussion:

Sources of human data - clarity for identification of same sequence
Integrity of gene symbol mapping between databases
Cytogenetic location - verification
Gene families - correct identification of individual members
International Advisory Committee
Confidentiality of gene names and symbols

12:15     Summary - Sue Povey (HGNC)
12:30     Meeting Ends


There is currently no funding available for expenses for this workshop.


All enquiries should be sent to:

Dr Hester Wain
HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee
University College London
Wolfson House
4 Stephenson Way
London, NW1 2HE
Fax: +44 (1) 171 387 3496