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ASHG-NW Gene Nomenclature Workshop

This is an archived page. The information displayed has not been updated.

Monday October 2, 2000
The Philadelphia Marriott Hotel - Room 305



Chaired by Sue Povey

14:00     Review of INW2, objectives of ASHG-NW - Sue Povey
14:10   Current HGNC Nomenclature Procedures - Hester Wain
14:30   The Current State of Affairs in Mouse Nomenclature - Lois Maltais
14:45     From Genes to Proteins to Molecular Functions - Judy Blake

Chaired discussion:

15:00     Clarification of the definition of a gene for the purposes of nomenclature
15:30   Clarification of naming genes, pseudogenes, open reading frames
               etc. specifically relating to the sequencing projects.
16:15     "Portability" of names between species; so that a human name is not human
                specific but can be used in mice.
16:45   Co-ordination and collaboration: databases, committees, publications etc.
17:15    High throughput genomic sequence data analysis
17:45     Summary - Sue Povey
18:00     Meeting Ends


ASHG-NW is a satellite meeting before  ASHG 50th Annual Meeting. You do not need to be registered for the ASHG meeting to participate.   Following the cancellation of INW3, we have scheduled an informal meeting to coincide with the 50th Annual ASHG Meeting. Again the focus of this nomenclature workshop will be to address the challenge of the genomic sequence data as it emerges. Participation will be open to all, but it is requested that people notify us of their intent to attend. You may also be interested in the HUGO Mutation Database Initiative satellite meeting held the following day: Tuesday 3rd October, 2000.

Currently there is no funding for this workshop.

Please send any queries to