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Confidentiality of Gene Names and Symbols

It is usual practice to enter all data into the public databases as soon as the symbol is agreed (option 1).

Submitters are requested to choose one of the options below:

  1. Release all data
  2. Release gene symbol and name, along with other data specified by submitter e.g. PubMed ID, Genbank ID (please specify)
  3. Release gene symbol and name only, all other details remain confidential for a maximum of six months
  4. Do not release gene symbol or name until publication, or six months after the date of assignment, whichever is sooner

If options 3 or 4 are chosen then the submitter will be recontacted after six months if they have not contacted HGNC before that time. Please note that while confidential sequence data associated with any symbol in the public database will not be released if requested, it will be used in confidence by the committee to avoid the duplication of symbols for a single gene via sequence comparison. If release of your gene symbol and name when matched to another submitter's sequence could create any problems with confidentiality please let us know when completing the form.