At 10am GMT on 13th November we will release our new website (currently, which may cause minor disruptions to our service during that day. The old look site will be available at for the next 2 months. Thanks to all that gave us feedback.

Some of the URLs will change, however, we are adding redirects for most of the pages so that current links to our resource still works. Please can you change your bookmarks and links within your resources to our new URL paths.

URL changes

Gene symbol reports

Previous URL New URL<ID>!/hgnc_id/<ID><symbol>!/symbol/<symbol>

Gene family/group reports

These are going to be renamed gene group reports. This change is to reflect the diverse types of gene ‘group’ that we include, such as protein complexes and enzyme groups based on shared function, rather than only gene families that share homology.

Previous URL New URL<ID>!/group/<ID>


Previous URL New URL

Multi-symbol checker

Previous URL New URL
Search type Previous URL New URL
Search everything
Search symbol reports!/genes
Search family/group reports!/groups
Search site (ie help, news etc)!/site

Custom downloads

Page Previous URL New URL
Custom downloads form
Custom downloads result<query><query>

Other URLs

Page Previous URL New URL
Statistics and downloads
Symbol request
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