A new and improved version of our HCOP tool has been released. This updated version of HCOP includes ortholog data from eggNOG, Ensembl Compara, HGNC, HomoloGene, Inparanoid, OMA, OrthoDB, OrthoMCL, Panther, PhylomeDB, TreeFam and ZFIN. The new HCOP also features a revamped, more user-friendly interface and ortholog data for three new species, with pig, xenopus and anole lizard being the first new species to be added. For more information about the new HCOP please visit the HCOP help page. Due to this new version of HCOP we have frozen the data in the archived version of HCOP as it stood on December 1st 2014. We will remove the HCOP (archive) page from this website at the end of February 2015. Please contact us if this is likely to cause problems for you.