International Nomenclature Workshop (INW)

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Wentworth Room, Sheraton Hotel, Toronto

5th March 1997

A meeting was held to discuss human gene nomenclature, and to produce a revised version of the published guidelines. 

A draft version of the Guidelines was provided at the meeting as a discussion document. The final version is available here


A. What are minimum criteria for being a gene?        
     Including definition of homology and pseudogene
     What categories do we use when function unknown, gene not transcribed, or transcribed but untranslated?

B. What rules should we apply for use of symbols from other species?

C. Should disease genes be given names related to the disease? (eg dystrophin)

D. Nomenclature of chimaeric genes

E. Should symbols change when more becomes known.

F. What are the best criteria to use in naming genes,  structural or functional?
   (eg Motifs, binding sites, regulatory activity, resemblance to other genes?)

G. "Reserved" letters for specific meanings:
        R for receptor, NH for inhibitor etc.

H. Should guidelines also cover recommendations for gene products, including
   alternative transcripts?

I. Other