Orthologous Transcriptome Meeting

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As part of the Human & Mouse Orthologous Gene Nomenclature (HUMOT) Project, we aim to approve the same gene symbol for each human/mouse ortholog pair. On April 22nd, 2005, following HGM2005, we organised a closed meeting with MGI , H-Invitational and RIKEN.

The Agenda for the Meeting was as follows:

  1. Introduction from meeting organiser Elspeth Bruford, HGNC (HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee)
  2. Talk about HGNC and HUMOT project from Matt Wright, HGNC
  3. Talk about MGNC/MGI and HUMOT project from Lois Maltais, MGI
  4. Talk about the H-invitational dataset and online database from Takashi Gojobori & Chisato Yamasaki, JBIRC
  5. Talk about the annotation of the mouse transcriptome from Jun Kawai, RIKEN
  6. Group discussion chaired by Sumio Sugano (University of Tokyo)

Sue Povey (chair of the HGNC), Susan Bromberg from the Rat Genomic Nomenclature Committee, and Piero Carninci were also in attendance.

We all have an interest in providing a common nomenclature for human and mouse orthologous genes, and it is hoped that further collaboration between these groups, and utilisation of the data in the human and mouse transcriptome datasets, will help further this aim.

For further information on the HUMOT project or any human/mouse orthology queries please contact Dr Matt Wright at HGNC ( hgnc@genenames.org). You can also contact Lois Maltais at MGI ( nomen@informatics.jax.org).