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New Beta Site!

Please visit our new HGNC beta site and let us know what you think via the feedback form.

Comparative Genomics and Orthology Resources

  • Compare Multi Organism Information System
  • EggNog evolutionary genealogy of genes: Non-supervised Orthologous Groups
  • EnsemblCompara
  • Evola Evolutionary annotation database
  • Genomicus Genomes in evolution
  • HCOP HGNC Comparison of Orthology Predictions
  • HomoloGene
  • Inparanoid eukaryotic ortholog groups
  • IsoBase A Database of Functionally Related Orthologs
  • Metazome database and graphical user interface enabling comparative genomic studies within the metazoa
  • OMA (Orthologous Matrix project)
  • OPTIC Clade genomics web server
  • OrthoDB The Hierarchical Catalog of Eukaryotic Orthologs
  • OrthoInspector
  • OXGRID the Oxford Grid project
  • P-POD Princeton Protein Orthology Database
  • Panther Classification System
  • PHOG PhyloFacts Orthology Group
  • PhylomeDB
  • TreeFam Tree families database
  • VISTA Tools for Comparative Genomics