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Please view this page on our new HGNC beta site and let us know what you think via the feedback form.

Statistics & Downloads for chromosome 14

Click on a chromosome below to see a statistics & download page for the chosen chromosome. The table below contains the number of genes associated to locus groups and types. Also within the table are links to download our data for each locus group or type. For more information about the table and download options view the help below.

Locus Group Total by Locus Group Locus Type Total by Locus Type
protein-coding gene 596 text json custom gene with protein product 596 text json custom
non-coding RNA 327 text json custom RNA, cluster 3 text json custom
RNA, long non-coding 137 text json custom
RNA, micro 100 text json custom
RNA, misc 1 text json custom
RNA, ribosomal 4 text json custom
RNA, small cytoplasmic 3 text json custom
RNA, small nuclear 2 text json custom
RNA, small nucleolar 54 text json custom
RNA, transfer 23 text json custom
phenotype 17 text json custom phenotype only 17 text json custom
pseudogene 513 text json custom T cell receptor pseudogene 11 text json custom
immunoglobulin pseudogene 85 text json custom
pseudogene 417 text json text
other 232 text json custom T cell receptor gene 116 text json custom
endogenous retrovirus 5 text json custom
fragile site 2 text json custom
immunoglobulin gene 102 text json custom
readthrough 4 text json custom
unknown 3 text json custom
Total Approved Symbols 1685 text json custom

Last Updated: 17/10/18 02:21:28

Complete dataset download links

Help & information

All the text files within the page are in a new format; further information, including a comprehensive list of all the columns contained within the download files, can be found in the Statistics & downloads help page. The old file format can still be found on our FTP site and will continue to be updated in the short term. If you use the old file format please be aware that these files will report on the previous version of our gene families data and are not comparable to the new families.

  • Click on the text icon to download the fields as a tab delimited text file. Columns the contain multiple values will be double quoted and the values within delimited by a pipe (i.e |).
  • Click on the json icon to download as a json file.
  • Click on the custom icon to use the Custom Downloads page to select which fields are in the download
  • Fields found within the text and json files can be found within the Statistics & downloads help page.