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Gene Family: Cyclophilin peptidylprolyl isomerases (PPI)

Also known as : "cyclophilins", "CYP", "cyclosporin A (CsA) binding proteins"
A subset of : Immunophilins

Cyclophilin: Cyclophilins are a family of proteins from vertebrates and other organisms that bind to cyclosporine, an immunosuppressant which is usually used to suppress rejection after internal organ transplants. These proteins have peptidyl prolyl isomerase activity, which catalyzes the isomerization of peptide bonds from trans form to cis form at proline residues and facilitates protein folding. Cyclophilin A is a cytosolic and highly abundant protein. The protein belongs to a family of isozymes, including cyclophilins B and C, and natural killer cell cyclophilin-related protein. Major isoforms have been found throughout the cell, including the ER, and some are even secreted. [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 19

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
CWC27 CWC27 spliceosome associated protein homolog SDCCAG10 NY-CO-10, SDCCAG-10 5q12.3
NKTR natural killer cell triggering receptor p104 3p22.1
PPIA peptidylprolyl isomerase A CYPA 7p13
PPIB peptidylprolyl isomerase B CYPB, OI9, PPIase, B, CYP-S1, SCYLP 15q22.31
PPIC peptidylprolyl isomerase C CYPC 5q23.2
PPID peptidylprolyl isomerase D CYP-40 4q32.1
PPIE peptidylprolyl isomerase E CyP-33, MGC3736, MGC111222 1p34.2
PPIF peptidylprolyl isomerase F hCyP3, Cyp-D 10q22.3
PPIG peptidylprolyl isomerase G CARS-Cyp, SRCyp, SCAF10 2q31.1
PPIH peptidylprolyl isomerase H USA-CYP, CYP-20, SnuCyp-20, CYPH, MGC5016 1p34.2
PPIL1 peptidylprolyl isomerase like 1 CYPL1 6p21.2
PPIL2 peptidylprolyl isomerase like 2 UBOX7, CYC4, Cyp-60 22q11.21
PPIL3 peptidylprolyl isomerase like 3 CyPJ 2q33.1
PPIL4 peptidylprolyl isomerase like 4 6q25.1
LRR1 leucine rich repeat protein 1 PPIL5 MGC20689, LRR-1 14q21.3
PPIL6 peptidylprolyl isomerase like 6 bA425D10.6, MGC41939, dJ919F19.1, RSPH12 6q21
PTPA protein phosphatase 2 phosphatase activator PPP2R4 PR53 9q34.11
PPWD1 peptidylprolyl isomerase domain and WD repeat containing 1 KIAA0073 5q12.3
RANBP2 RAN binding protein 2 ANE1 NUP358, ADANE 2q13


Note that some family members such as PPIL2, PPIL4, PPIL6 and CWC27 have divergent active sites compared to other family members and are possibly not functional cyclophilin peptidylprolyl isomerases.