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Gene Family: Cytochrome P450s (CYP)

Cytochrome P450: Cytochromes P450 (CYPs) belong to the superfamily of proteins containing a heme cofactor and, therefore, are hemoproteins. CYPs use a variety of small and large molecules as substrates in enzymatic reactions. They are, in general, the terminal oxidase enzymes in electron transfer chains, broadly categorized as P450-containing systems. The term P450 is derived from the spectrophotometric peak at the wavelength of the absorption maximum of the enzyme (450 nm) when it is in the reduced state and complexed with CO. CYP enzymes have been identified in all domains of life - animals, plants, fungi, protists, bacteria, archaea, and even in viruses. However, the enzymes have not been found in E. coli. More than 21,000 distinct CYP proteins are known. [Source: Wikipedia]

Family contains the following subsets

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