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Gene Family: Neuropeptide receptors

A subset of : Peptide receptors

Neuropeptide receptor: GPCR neuropeptide receptor s are G-protein coupled receptors which bind various neuropeptides. [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 11

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
NPBWR1 neuropeptides B and W receptor 1 GPR7 8q11.23
NPBWR2 neuropeptides B and W receptor 2 GPR8 20q13.33
NPFFR1 neuropeptide FF receptor 1 GPR147 OT7T022, NPFF1R1 10q22.1
NPFFR2 neuropeptide FF receptor 2 GPR74 NPFF2, NPGPR 4q13.3
NPSR1 neuropeptide S receptor 1 GPR154 PGR14, GPRA 7p14.3
NPY1R neuropeptide Y receptor Y1 NPYR 4q32.2
NPY2R neuropeptide Y receptor Y2 4q32.1
NPY4R neuropeptide Y receptor Y4 PPYR1 Y4, PP1 10q11.22
NPY4R2 neuropeptide Y receptor Y4-2 CH17-360D5.1 10q11.22
NPY5R neuropeptide Y receptor Y5 NPYR5 4q32.2
NPY6R neuropeptide Y receptor Y6 (pseudogene) PP2, NPY1RL, NPY6RP 5q31.2