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Gene Family: Small nuclear RNAs

Also known as : "snRNAs", "U-RNAs"
A subset of : Non-coding RNAs

Small nuclear RNA: Small nuclear ribonucleic acid (snRNA), also commonly referred to as U-RNA, is a class of small RNA molecules that are found within the splicing speckles and cajal bodies of the cell nucleus in eukaryotic cells. The length of an average snRNA is approximately 150 nucleotides. They are transcribed by either RNA polymerase II or RNA polymerase III, and studies have shown that their primary function is in the processing of pre- messenger RNA ( hnRNA ) in the nucleus. They have also been shown to aid in the regulation of transcription factors (7SK RNA) or RNA polymerase II (B2 RNA), and maintaining the telomeres. [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 37

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
RNU4ATAC RNA, U4atac small nuclear (U12-dependent splicing) RNU4ATAC1, U4atac 2q14.2
RNU5A-1 RNA, U5A small nuclear 1 RNU5C, RNU5A U5A, U5B1 15q22.31
RNU5B-1 RNA, U5B small nuclear 1 RNU5B U5B1 15q22
RNU5D-1 RNA, U5D small nuclear 1 RNU5D U5DS, U5DL 1p34.1
RNU5E-1 RNA, U5E small nuclear 1 RNU5E U5E 1p36.22
RNU5F-1 RNA, U5F small nuclear 1 RNU5F 1p34.1
RNU6ATAC RNA, U6atac small nuclear (U12-dependent splicing) RNU6ATAC1 9q34.2
RNU1-1 RNA, U1 small nuclear 1 RNU1, RNU1G4, RNU1A3, RNU1A Rnu1a1, U1, HU1-1, U1A1, HSD1 1p36.13
RNU11 RNA, U11 small nuclear U11, RNU11-1 1p35.3
RNU1-2 RNA, U1 small nuclear 2 RNU1C1, RNU1C2 U1C1, U1C21 1p36.13
RNU12 RNA, U12 small nuclear RNU12P RNU12-1 22q13.2
RNU1-3 RNA, U1 small nuclear 3 RNU1G3 HSD4 1p36.1
RNU1-4 RNA, U1 small nuclear 4 RNU1E2, RNU1G2, RNU1D2, RNU1F1, RNU1G1 HSD6, U1E2, HSD2, U1D2, HSD5, U1B2, U1F, HSD7 1p36.1
RNU2-1 RNA, U2 small nuclear 1 U2 17q12
RNU4-1 RNA, U4 small nuclear 1 RNU4B2, RNU4A U4BL, U4 12q24.31
RNU4-2 RNA, U4 small nuclear 2 RNU4C, RNU4-1B, RNU4B1 U4c, U4b, U4A 12q24.31
RNU6-1 RNA, U6 small nuclear 1 RNU6A U6, U6-1 15q23
RNU6-2 RNA, U6 small nuclear 2 U6-2 19p13.3
RNU6-7 RNA, U6 small nuclear 7 U6-7 14q12
RNU6-8 RNA, U6 small nuclear 8 U6-8 14q12
RNU6-9 RNA, U6 small nuclear 9 U6-9 19p13.3
RNU7-1 RNA, U7 small nuclear 1 RNU7 U7.1 12p13.31
RNVU1-1 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 1 RNU1P10, RNU1-10P, RNVU1-10 vU1.1, U1P14, U1.4, vU1.10, RNU1-53 1q21.1
RNVU1-2 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 2 vU1.2, RNU1-71 1q21.1
RNVU1-3 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 3 RNVU1-12 vU1.3, RNU1-113, vU1.12, RNU1-151 1q21.1
RNVU1-4 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 4 RNVU1-5 vU1.4, RNU1-102, vU1.5, RNU1-50 1q21.1
RNVU1-6 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 6 vU1.6, RNU1-99 1q21.1
RNVU1-7 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 7 RNU1-9, RNU1-9P, RNVU1-9, RNU1-6P, RNU1-26P vU1.7, vU1.9 1q21.1
RNVU1-8 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 8 vU1.8, RNU1-145 1q21.1
RNVU1-11 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 11 RNU1P2, RNU1-12P vU1.11, U1P2A 1q21.2
RNVU1-14 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 14 vU1.14, RNU1-37 1q21.2
RNVU1-15 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 15 RNVU1-16 vU1.15, RNU1-66, vU1.16, RNU1-121 1q21.2
RNVU1-17 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 17 vU1.17, RNU1-127 1q21.2
RNVU1-18 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 18 RNU1P1, RNU1-5, RNU1-25, RNU1-25P vU1.18, U1P101, U1P15, U1.15 1q21.2
RNVU1-19 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 19 RNVU1-13 vU1.19, RNU1-126, vU1.13, RNU1-147 1q21.2
RNVU1-20 RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 20 vU1.20, RNU1-110 1q21.2 not on reference assembly
RN7SK RNA, 7SK small nuclear 7SK 6p12.2