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Gene Family: Tubulins (TUB)

Tubulin: Tubulin (tubul- + -in) is one of several members of a small family of globular proteins. The tubulin superfamily includes five distinct families, the alpha-, beta-, gamma-, delta-, and epsilon-tubulins and a sixth family (zeta-tubulin) which is present only in kinetoplastid protozoa. The most common members of the tubulin family are α-tubulin and β-tubulin, the proteins that make up microtubules. Each has a molecular weight of approximately 55,000 Daltons. Microtubules are assembled from dimers of α- and β-tubulin. These subunits are slightly acidic with an isoelectric point between 5.2 and 5.8. [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 26

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
TUBAL3 tubulin alpha like 3 FLJ21665 10p15.1
TUBA1A tubulin alpha 1a TUBA3, B-ALPHA-1, FLJ25113 12q13.12
TUBA1B tubulin alpha 1b K-ALPHA-1 12q13.12
TUBA1C tubulin alpha 1c TUBA6 MGC14580, MGC10851, bcm948 12q13.12
TUBA3C tubulin alpha 3c TUBA2 bA408E5.3 13q12.11
TUBA3D tubulin alpha 3d H2-ALPHA 2q21.1
TUBA3E tubulin alpha 3e 2q21.1
TUBA3FP tubulin alpha 3f pseudogene 22q11.21
TUBA3GP tubulin alpha 3g pseudogene 22q11.21
TUBA4A tubulin alpha 4a TUBA1 FLJ30169, H2-ALPHA 2q35
TUBA4B tubulin alpha 4b TUBA4 FLJ13940 2q35
TUBA8 tubulin alpha 8 TUBAL2 22q11.21
TUBB tubulin beta class I OK/SW-cl.56, MGC16435, M40, Tubb5 6p21.33
TUBB1 tubulin beta 1 class VI dJ543J19.4 20q13.32
TUBB2A tubulin beta 2A class IIa TUBB, TUBB2 dJ40E16.7 6p25.2
TUBB2B tubulin beta 2B class IIb MGC8685, DKFZp566F223, bA506K6.1 6p25.2
TUBB3 tubulin beta 3 class III FEOM3 beta-4, CFEOM3, CFEOM3A 16q24.3
TUBB4A tubulin beta 4A class IVa TUBB4, DYT4 beta-5 19p13.3
TUBB4B tubulin beta 4B class IVb TUBB2C Beta2 9q34.3
TUBB6 tubulin beta 6 class V MGC4083, HsT1601 18p11.21
TUBB7P tubulin beta 7 pseudogene TUBB4Q 4q35.2
TUBB8 tubulin beta 8 class VIII bA631M21.2 10p15.3
TUBD1 tubulin delta 1 FLJ12709, TUBD 17q23.1
TUBE1 tubulin epsilon 1 dJ142L7.2, FLJ22589, TUBE 6q21
TUBG1 tubulin gamma 1 TUBG TUBGCP1 17q21.31
TUBG2 tubulin gamma 2 17q21.2

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