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Gene Family: Transglutaminases (TGM)

Transglutaminase: A transglutaminase is an enzyme that catalyzes the formation of an isopeptide bond between a free amine group (e.g., protein- or peptide-bound lysine ) and the acyl group at the end of the side chain of protein - or peptide -bound glutamine. The reaction also produces a molecule of ammonia. Such an enzyme is classified as EC Bonds formed by transglutaminase exhibit high resistance to proteolytic degradation (proteolysis). [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 9

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
TGM1 transglutaminase 1 ICR2 TGASE, TGK, LI, LI1 14q12
TGM2 transglutaminase 2 TGC 20q11.23
TGM3 transglutaminase 3 TGE 20p13
TGM4 transglutaminase 4 TGP 3p21.31
TGM5 transglutaminase 5 TGX, TGMX 15q15.2
TGM6 transglutaminase 6 TGM3L dJ734P14.3, TGY, SCA35 20p13
TGM7 transglutaminase 7 TGMZ 15q15.2
EPB42 erythrocyte membrane protein band 4.2 PA, MGC116735, MGC116737 15q15.2
F13A1 coagulation factor XIII A chain F13A 6p25.1