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Gene Family: Myocyte enhancer factor 2 proteins (MEF2)

Mef2: In the field of molecular biology, myocyte enhancer factor-2 ( Mef2 ) proteins are a family of transcription factors which through control of gene expression are important regulators of cellular differentiation and consequently play a critical role in embryonic development. In adult organisms, Mef2 proteins mediate the stress response in some tissues. Mef2 proteins contain both MADS-box and Mef2 DNA-binding domains. [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 4

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
MEF2A myocyte enhancer factor 2A RSRFC4, RSRFC9 15q26.3
MEF2B myocyte enhancer factor 2B RSRFR2 19p13.11
MEF2C myocyte enhancer factor 2C 5q14.3
MEF2D myocyte enhancer factor 2D 1q22