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Gene Family: Galectins (LGALS)

Also known as : "Galactoside-binding lectins", "S-type lectins", "Lectins, galactoside-binding"

LGALS family: The LGALS genes encode soluble lectins that are referred to as the galectins, galactoside-binding lectins or S-type lectins. [Source: HGNC]

Genes contained within the family: 15

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
LGALS1 galectin 1 GBP 22q13.1
LGALS2 galectin 2 HL14 22q13.1
LGALS3 galectin 3 LGALS2 MAC-2, GALIG 14q22.3
LGALS4 galectin 4 GAL4 19q13.2
LGALS7 galectin 7 GAL7, PIG1, TP53I1, LGALS7A 19q13.13
LGALS7B galectin 7B GAL7 19q13.2
LGALS8 galectin 8 PCTA-1 1q43
LGALS9 galectin 9 LGALS9A 17q11.2
LGALS9B galectin 9B 17p11.2
LGALS9C galectin 9C 17p11.2
CLC Charcot-Leyden crystal galectin Gal-10, LGALS10, MGC149659 19q13.2
LGALS12 galectin 12 GRIP1 11q12.3
LGALS13 galectin 13 PP13, PLAC8 19q13.2
LGALS14 galectin 14 PPL13, CLC2 19q13.2
LGALS16 galectin 16 19q13.2