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Gene Family: Keratins, type II

Also known as : "Keratins (basic)", "Basic keratins", "Type II Keratins", "Type II cytokeratins", "Type II intermediate filaments"
A subset of : Keratins

Keratins: These proteins are the most diverse among IFs and constitute type I (acidic) and type II (basic) IF proteins. The many isoforms are divided in two groups: epithelial keratins (about 20) in epithelial cells (image to right) trichocytic keratins (about 13) (hair keratins), which make up hair, nails, horns and reptilian scales. Regardless of the group, keratins are either acidic or basic. Acidic and basic keratins bind each other to form acidic-basic heterodimers and these heterodimers then associate to make a keratin filament. [Source: Wikipedia. See also GO]

Genes contained within the family: 27

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
KRT1 keratin 1 EHK1 KRT1A 12q13.13
KRT2 keratin 2 KRT2A KRTE 12q13.13
KRT3 keratin 3 CK3, K3 12q13.13
KRT4 keratin 4 CYK4 CK4, K4 12q13.13
KRT5 keratin 5 EBS2 KRT5A 12q13.13
KRT6A keratin 6A KRT6C, KRT6D CK6C, K6C, CK6D, K6D 12q13.13
KRT6B keratin 6B KRTL1 12q13.13
KRT6C keratin 6C KRT6E 12q13.13
KRT7 keratin 7 K7, CK7, K2C7, SCL 12q13.13
KRT8 keratin 8 CARD2, K8, CK8, CYK8, K2C8, KO 12q13.13
KRT71 keratin 71 KRT6IRS, KRT6IRS1, K6IRS1 12q13.13
KRT72 keratin 72 K6IRS2, KRT6IRS2, KRT6, K6irs 12q13.13
KRT73 keratin 73 KRT6IRS3, K6IRS3 12q13.13
KRT74 keratin 74 K6IRS4, KRT5C, KRT6IRS4 12q13.13
KRT75 keratin 75 K6HF 12q13.13
KRT76 keratin 76 HUMCYT2A, KRT2B, KRT2P 12q13.13
KRT77 keratin 77 KRT1B 12q13.13
KRT78 keratin 78 K5B 12q13.13
KRT79 keratin 79 K6L, KRT6L 12q13.13
KRT80 keratin 80 KB20 12q13.13
KRT81 keratin 81 KRTHB1 Hb-1 12q13.13
KRT82 keratin 82 KRTHB2 Hb-2 12q13.13
KRT83 keratin 83 KRTHB3 Hb-3 12q13.13
KRT84 keratin 84 KRTHB4 Hb-4 12q13.13
KRT85 keratin 85 KRTHB5 Hb-5 12q13.13
KRT86 keratin 86 KRTHB6 MNX, Hb6 12q13
KRT222 keratin 222 KRT222P KA21, MGC45562 17q21.2

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