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Gene Family: Importins (IPO)

Importin: Importin is a type of protein that moves other protein molecules into the nucleus by binding to a specific recognition sequence, called the nuclear localization signal (NLS). Importin is classified as a karyopherin. Importin has two subunits, importin alpha and importin beta. Members of the importin-beta family can bind and transport cargo by themselves, or can form heterodimers with importin-alpha. [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 18

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
IPO4 importin 4 Imp4, FLJ23338 14q12
IPO5 importin 5 KPNB3, RANBP5 IMB3, MGC2068, Pse1 13q32.2
IPO7 importin 7 RANBP7 Imp7 11p15.4
IPO8 importin 8 RANBP8 IMP8 12p11.21
IPO9 importin 9 Imp9, FLJ10402 1q32.1
IPO11 importin 11 RanBP11 5q12.1
IPO13 importin 13 IMP13, KIAA0724, RANBP13 1p34.1
KPNA1 karyopherin subunit alpha 1 SRP1, RCH2, NPI-1, IPOA5 3q21.1
KPNA2 karyopherin subunit alpha 2 RCH1 SRP1alpha, IPOA1, QIP2 17q24.2
KPNA3 karyopherin subunit alpha 3 SRP1gamma, SRP4, hSRP1, IPOA4 13q14.2
KPNA4 karyopherin subunit alpha 4 QIP1, SRP3, IPOA3, MGC12217, MGC26703 3q25.33
KPNA5 karyopherin subunit alpha 5 SRP6, IPOA6 6q22.1
KPNA6 karyopherin subunit alpha 6 IPOA7, KPNA7, MGC17918, FLJ11249 1p35.2
KPNA7 karyopherin subunit alpha 7 IPOA8 7q22.1
KPNB1 karyopherin subunit beta 1 NTF97, IPOB, MGC2155, MGC2156, MGC2157, IMB1, Impnb, IPO1 17q21.32
TNPO1 transportin 1 KPNB2 MIP, TRN, IPO2, MIP1 5q13.2
TNPO2 transportin 2 IPO3, KPNB2B, FLJ12155, TRN2 19p13.13
TNPO3 transportin 3 LGMD1F TRN-SR, MTR10A, TRN-SR2, IPO12 7q32.1

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