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Gene Family: Collagen proteoglycans

A subset of : Proteoglycans

Genes contained within the family: 5

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
COL9A1 collagen type IX alpha 1 chain 6q13
COL9A2 collagen type IX alpha 2 chain EDM2 MED 1p34.2
COL9A3 collagen type IX alpha 3 chain IDD, MED, EDM3, FLJ90759, DJ885L7.4.1 20q13.33
COL12A1 collagen type XII alpha 1 chain COL12A1L 6q13-q14.1
COL15A1 collagen type XV alpha 1 chain 9q22.33


This subset of the collagen family are also classified as proteoglycans. Please view the gene family page "Collagens" to see all human collagen genes.