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Gene Family: Ephrins (EFN)

Also known as : "Eph family receptor interacting proteins", "Ephrin ligands"

Ephrin: Ephrins also known as ephrin ligands or Eph family receptor interacting proteins are a family of proteins that serve as the ligands of the ephrin receptor. Ephrin receptors in turn compose the largest known subfamily of receptor protein-tyrosine kinases (RTKs). Since ephrin ligands (ephrins) and Eph receptors (Ephs) are both membrane-bound proteins, binding and activation of Ephepherin signaling regulates a variety of biological processes during embryonic development including the guidance of axon growth cones, formation of tissue boundaries, cell migration, and segmentation. Additionally, Eph/epherin signaling has recently been identified to play a critical role in the maintenance of several processes during adulthood including long-term potentiation, angiogenesis, and stem cell differentiation. [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 8

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
EFNA1 ephrin A1 TNFAIP4, EPLG1 LERK1, ECKLG 1q22
EFNA2 ephrin A2 EPLG6 ELF-1, LERK6 19p13.3
EFNA3 ephrin A3 EPLG3 LERK3, Ehk1-L 1q21.3
EFNA4 ephrin A4 EPLG4 LERK4 1q21.3
EFNA5 ephrin A5 EPLG7 AF1, LERK7 5q21.3
EFNB1 ephrin B1 EPLG2, CFNS LERK2, Elk-L Xq13.1
EFNB2 ephrin B2 EPLG5 LERK5, Htk-L, HTKL, MGC126226, MGC126227, MGC126228 13q33.3
EFNB3 ephrin B3 EPLG8 LERK-8 17p13.1