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Gene Family: DEAH-box helicases (DHX)

Also known as : "DEAH box polypeptides"
A subset of : RNA helicases

Genes contained within the family: 16

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
DHX8 DEAH-box helicase 8 DDX8 HRH1, PRP22, PRPF22, Dhr2 17q21.31
DHX9 DExH-box helicase 9 LKP, DDX9 RHA 1q25.3
DHX15 DEAH-box helicase 15 DDX15 HRH2, DBP1, PRP43, PrPp43p, PRPF43 4p15.2
DHX16 DEAH-box helicase 16 DDX16 DBP2, Prp2, PRPF2 6p21.33
DHX29 DExH-box helicase 29 DDX29 5q11.2
DHX30 DExH-box helicase 30 DDX30 KIAA0890, FLJ11214 3p21.31
DHX32 DEAH-box helicase 32 (putative) DDX32 FLJ10889, FLJ10694, DHLP1 10q26.2
DHX33 DEAH-box helicase 33 DDX33 FLJ21972, DKFZp762F2011 17p13.2
DHX34 DExH-box helicase 34 DDX34 KIAA0134 19q13.32
DHX35 DEAH-box helicase 35 C20orf15, DDX35 FLJ22759, KAIA0875 20q11.23-q12
DHX36 DEAH-box helicase 36 DDX36 MLEL1, KIAA1488, RHAU 3q25.2
DHX37 DEAH-box helicase 37 DDX37 KIAA1517, MGC4322, MGC2695, Dhr1 12q24.31
DHX38 DEAH-box helicase 38 DDX38 PRP16, KIAA0224, hPrp16, PRPF16 16q22.2
DHX40 DEAH-box helicase 40 DDX40 ARG147, PAD, FLJ22060 17q23.1
DHX57 DExH-box helicase 57 DDX57 2p22.1
DHX58 DExH-box helicase 58 LGP2, D11LGP2 17q21.2

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