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Gene Family: Claudins (CLDN)

Claudin: Claudins are a family of proteins that are the most important components of the tight junctions, where they establish the paracellular barrier that controls the flow of molecules in the intercellular space between the cells of an epithelium. They have four transmembrane domains, with the N-terminus and the C-terminus in the cytoplasm. [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 23

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
CLDN1 claudin 1 SEMP1, ILVASC 3q28
CLDN2 claudin 2 Xq22.3
CLDN3 claudin 3 C7orf1, CPETR2 RVP1, CPE-R2, HRVP1 7q11.23
CLDN4 claudin 4 CPETR, CPETR1 CPE-R, WBSCR8, hCPE-R 7q11.23
CLDN5 claudin 5 AWAL, TMVCF CPETRL1, BEC1 22q11.21
CLDN6 claudin 6 16p13.3
CLDN7 claudin 7 CEPTRL2, CPETRL2 Hs.84359 17p13.1
CLDN8 claudin 8 21q22.11
CLDN9 claudin 9 16p13.3
CLDN10 claudin 10 OSP-L, CPETRL3 13q32.1
CLDN11 claudin 11 OTM OSP 3q26.2
CLDN12 claudin 12 7q21.13
CLDN14 claudin 14 DFNB29 21q22.13
CLDN15 claudin 15 7q22.1
CLDN16 claudin 16 PCLN1, HOMG3 3q28
CLDN17 claudin 17 MGC126552, MGC126554 21q21.3
CLDN18 claudin 18 SFTPJ 3q22.3
CLDN19 claudin 19 1p34.2
CLDN20 claudin 20 6q25.3
CLDN22 claudin 22 CLDN21 4q35.1
CLDN23 claudin 23 CLDNL 8p23.1
CLDN24 claudin 24 CLDN21 4q35.1
CLDN25 claudin 25 11q23.2

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