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Gene Family: Lysine demethylases (KDM)

Also known as : "Lysine (K)-specific demethylases", "JmjC KDM", "histone demethylases"

Genes contained within the family: 24

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
KDM1A lysine demethylase 1A AOF2, KDM1 KIAA0601, BHC110, LSD1 1p36.12
KDM1B lysine demethylase 1B C6orf193, AOF1 FLJ34109, FLJ33898, dJ298J15.2, bA204B7.3, FLJ43328, LSD2 6p22.3
KDM2A lysine demethylase 2A FBXL11 KIAA1004, FBL11, LILINA, DKFZP434M1735, FBL7, FLJ00115, CXXC8, JHDM1A 11q13.2
KDM2B lysine demethylase 2B FBXL10 PCCX2, CXXC2, Fbl10, JHDM1B 12q24.31
KDM3A lysine demethylase 3A JMJD1, JMJD1A TSGA, KIAA0742, JHMD2A 2p11.2
KDM3B lysine demethylase 3B C5orf7, JMJD1B KIAA1082, NET22 5q31.2
JMJD1C jumonji domain containing 1C TRIP8 DKFZp761F0118, KIAA1380, FLJ14374, KDM3C 10q21.3
KDM4A lysine demethylase 4A JMJD2, JMJD2A KIAA0677, JHDM3A, TDRD14A 1p34.2-p34.1
KDM4B lysine demethylase 4B JMJD2B KIAA0876, TDRD14B 19p13.3
KDM4C lysine demethylase 4C JMJD2C GASC1, KIAA0780, TDRD14C 9p24.1
KDM4D lysine demethylase 4D JMJD2D FLJ10251 11q21
KDM4E lysine demethylase 4E KDM4DL JMJD2E, KDM5E 11q21
KDM4F lysine demethylase 4F JMJD2F 11q21
KDM5A lysine demethylase 5A RBBP2, JARID1A 12p13.33
KDM5B lysine demethylase 5B JARID1B RBBP2H1A, PLU-1, CT31, PPP1R98 1q32.1
KDM5C lysine demethylase 5C SMCX, JARID1C, MRX13 DXS1272E, XE169 Xp11.22
KDM5D lysine demethylase 5D HYA, HY, SMCY, JARID1D KIAA0234 Yq11.223
KDM6A lysine demethylase 6A UTX Xp11.3
KDM6B lysine demethylase 6B JMJD3 KIAA0346 17p13.1
UTY ubiquitously transcribed tetratricopeptide repeat containing, Y-linked KDM6C, KDM6AL Yq11.221
KDM7A lysine demethylase 7A JHDM1D KIAA1718 7q34
PHF8 PHD finger protein 8 KDM7B, ZNF422, JHDM1F, KIAA1111 Xp11.22
PHF2 PHD finger protein 2 KIAA0662, CENP-35, KDM7C, JHDM1E 9q22.31
KDM8 lysine demethylase 8 JMJD5 FLJ13798 16p12.1