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Gene Family: AT-rich interaction domain containing (ARID)

Also known as : "AT rich interactive domain containing"

ARID domain: In molecular biology, the ARID domain (AT-rich interaction domain; also known as BRIGHT domain)) is a protein domain that binds to DNA. ARID domain-containing proteins are found in fungi and invertebrate and vertebrate metazoans. ARID-encoding genes are involved in a variety of biological processes including embryonic development, cell lineage gene regulation and cell cycle control. Although the specific roles of this domain and of ARID-containing proteins in transcriptional regulation are yet to be elucidated, they include both positive and negative transcriptional regulation and a likely involvement in the modification of chromatin structure. The basic structure of the ARID domain appears to be a series of six alpha-helices separated by beta-strands, loops, or turns, but the structured region may extend to an additional helix at either or both ends of the basic six. Based on primary sequence homology, they can be partitioned into three structural classes: Minimal ARID proteins that consist of a core domain formed by six alpha helices; ARID proteins that supplement the core domain with an N-terminal alpha-helix; and Extended-ARID proteins, which contain the core domain and additional alpha-helices at their N- and C-termini. [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 15

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
ARID1A AT-rich interaction domain 1A C1orf4, SMARCF1 B120, P270, C10rf4, BAF250, BAF250a 1p36.11
ARID1B AT-rich interaction domain 1B KIAA1235, ELD/OSA1, p250R, BAF250b, DAN15, 6A3-5 6q25.3
ARID2 AT-rich interaction domain 2 KIAA1557, DKFZp686G052, FLJ30619, BAF200 12q12
ARID3A AT-rich interaction domain 3A DRIL1 BRIGHT 19p13.3
ARID3B AT-rich interaction domain 3B BDP, DRIL2 15q24.1
ARID3C AT-rich interaction domain 3C 9p13.3
ARID4A AT-rich interaction domain 4A RBBP1 RBP1, RBP-1 14q23.1
ARID4B AT-rich interaction domain 4B RBP1L1 BCAA, BRCAA1, SAP180 1q42.3
ARID5A AT-rich interaction domain 5A MRF-1, RP11-363D14 2q11.2
ARID5B AT-rich interaction domain 5B FLJ21150, MRF2 10q21.2
KDM5A lysine demethylase 5A JARID1A, RBBP2 12p13.33
KDM5B lysine demethylase 5B JARID1B RBBP2H1A, PLU-1, CT31, PPP1R98 1q32.1
KDM5C lysine demethylase 5C SMCX, MRX13, JARID1C DXS1272E, XE169 Xp11.22
KDM5D lysine demethylase 5D SMCY, HYA, HY, JARID1D KIAA0234 Yq11.223
JARID2 jumonji and AT-rich interaction domain containing 2 JMJ 6p22.3