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Gene Family: Immunoglobulin lambda (IGL) orphons

A subset of : Immunoglobulin lambda

IGL orphons: These are IGL genes that are found outside of the 22q11.2 IGL locus and therefore cannot form part of an immunoglobulin-encoding gene. [Source: HGNC]

Genes contained within the family: 6

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
IGLCOR22-1 immunoglobulin lambda constant/OR22-1 (pseudogene) IGLC/OR22-1 22q12.2-q12.3
IGLCOR22-2 immunoglobulin lambda constant/OR22-2 (pseudogene) IGLC/OR22-2 22q12.2-q12.3
IGLJCOR18 immunoglobulin lambda joining-constant/OR18 (pseudogene) IGLJ-COR18, IGLJ-C/OR18 18p11.31
IGLVIVOR22-1 immunoglobulin lambda variable (IV)/OR22-1 (pseudogene) IGLV(IV)/OR22-1 22q11.2-q12.1
IGLVIVOR22-2 immunoglobulin lambda variable (IV)/OR22-2 (pseudogene) IGLV(IV)/OR22-2 22q12.2-q12.3
IGLV8OR8-1 immunoglobulin lambda variable 8/OR8-1 (pseudogene) IGLV8/OR8-1 8q11.21


For further reading, please see: Lefranc M.-P. and Lefranc G. The Immunoglobulin FactsBook, Academic Press, 2001

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