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Gene Family: Cation channels sperm associated (CATSPER)

Also known as : "Cation channels of sperm"

Cation channels of sperm: The cation channels of sperm also known as Catsper channels or CatSper, are ion channels that are related to the two-pore channels and distantly related to TRP channels. The four members of this family form voltage-gated Ca 2+ channels that seem to be specific to sperm. As sperm encounter the more alkaline environment of the female reproductive tract, CatSper channels become activated by the altered ion concentration. These channels are required for proper fertilization. The study of these channels has been slow because they do not traffic to the cell membrane in many heterologous systems. [Source: Wikipedia]

Genes contained within the family: 7

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
CATSPERB cation channel sperm associated auxiliary subunit beta C14orf161 FLJ14298 14q32.12
CATSPERD cation channel sperm associated auxiliary subunit delta TMEM146 MGC39581 19p13.3
CATSPERG cation channel sperm associated auxiliary subunit gamma C19orf15 DKFZp434A1022, FLJ46353 19q13.2
CATSPER1 cation channel sperm associated 1 CATSPER 11q13.1
CATSPER2 cation channel sperm associated 2 15q15.3
CATSPER3 cation channel sperm associated 3 CACRC 5q31.1
CATSPER4 cation channel sperm associated 4 1p36.11