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Gene Family: CORVET complex

Also known as : "class C core vacuole/endosome tethering complex"
A subset of : VPS-C complexes

CORVET complex:: The CORVET tethering complex regulates early-endosomal tethering and shares several subunits with the HOPS complex that regulates late endosomal tethering. VPS11 acts as a molecular switch that binds either the CORVET complex specific TGFBRAP1, or HOPS specific VPS39/RILP thereby allowing selective targeting of these tethering complexes to early- or late endosomes to time fusion events in the endo/lysosomal pathway. [Source: an der Kant et al, 2015]

Genes contained within the family: 6

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
TGFBRAP1 transforming growth factor beta receptor associated protein 1 TRAP-1, TRAP1, VPS3 2q12.1-q12.2
VPS8 VPS8, CORVET complex subunit KIAA0804 FLJ32099 3q27.2
VPS11 VPS11, CORVET/HOPS core subunit RNF108, PEP5 11q23.3
VPS16 VPS16, CORVET/HOPS core subunit 20p13
VPS18 VPS18, CORVET/HOPS core subunit KIAA1475, PEP3 15q15.1
VPS33A VPS33A, CORVET/HOPS core subunit 12q24.31