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Gene Family: Minor spliceosome

Also known as : "U12-dependent spliceosome"

: U12-type introns are a minor subgroup of introns, distinct from the major or U2-type introns. U12-type introns are present in most eukaryotes but only account for less than 0.5% of all introns in any given genome. They are processed by a specific U12-dependent spliceosome, which is similar to, but distinct from, the major spliceosome. The U11, U12 and U4atac/U6atac snRNPs are functional analogs of the U1, U2 and U4/U6 snRNPs in the major spliceosome. [Source: Turunen et al, 2013]

Family contains the following subsets

Genes contained within the family: 2

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
RNU4ATAC RNA, U4atac small nuclear (U12-dependent splicing) RNU4ATAC1, U4atac 2q14.2
RNU6ATAC RNA, U6atac small nuclear (U12-dependent splicing) RNU6ATAC1 9q34.2

Genes contained within subsets