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Gene Family: G protein subunits alpha, group s

Also known as : "GalphaS subunits", "Gs proteins", "Gs alpha subunits", "G-protein alpha subunits, group S ", "G alpha stimulatory subunits", "G(S)alpha subunits"

G-protein alpha subunit, group S: This family consists of the G protein alpha subunit group S (stimulatory) which transduces signals from various cell surface receptors to the cAMP-generating enzyme adenylyl cyclase. The G alpha-S subunit is encoded by GNAS, a complex imprinted gene that uses multiple promoters to generate several gene products. [Source: InterPro IPR000367]

Genes contained within the family: 2

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
GNAL G protein subunit alpha L 18p11.21
GNAS GNAS complex locus GNAS1 NESP55, NESP, GNASXL, GPSA, SCG6, SgVI 20q13.32