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Gene Family: Glutamine amidotransferase like class 1 domain containing (GATD)

Genes contained within the family: 9

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
GATD1 glutamine amidotransferase like class 1 domain containing 1 PDDC1 FLJ34283 11p15.5
PARK7 Parkinsonism associated deglycase GATD2, DJ1, DJ-1 1p36.23
C21orf33 chromosome 21 open reading frame 33 KNP-Ia, GT335, ES1, HES1, D21S2048E, KNPI, KNPH, KNP-I 21q22.3
CAD carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase 2, aspartate transcarbamylase, and dihydroorotase GATD4 2p23.3
CTPS1 CTP synthase 1 CTPS GATD5 1p34.2
DDOST dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase non-catalytic subunit OST, WBP1, OST48, KIAA0115, GATD6 1p36.12
GMPS guanine monophosphate synthase GATD7 3q25.31
PFAS phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine synthase PURL, KIAA0361, GATD8, FGARAT 17p13.1
TCAF2 TRPM8 channel associated factor 2 FAM139A, FAM115C FLJ40722, GATD9 7q35