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Gene Family: Elongin complex (ELO)

Also known as : "SIII complex", "transcription elongation factor SIII complex"

Elongin complex:: The Elongin complex is a positive regulator of RNA polymerase II and and increases the rate of elongation by suppressing transient pausing along the DNA template. It is composed of a transcriptionally active subunit (A) and two regulatory subunits (B and C). The Elongin BC complex enhances the transcriptional activity of Elongin A. The Elongin BC complex also acts as an adaptor connecting cullins and SOCS box proteins. [Source: Okumura et al, 2012]

Genes contained within the family: 8

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
ELOA elongin A TCEB3 SIII, TCEB3A 1p36.11
ELOA2 elongin A2 TCEB3B HsT832, TCEB3L 18q21.1
ELOA3 elongin A3 TCEB3C HsT829, TCEB3L2, ELOA3A 18q21.1
ELOA3B elongin A3 family member B TCEB3CL HsT828 18q21.1
ELOA3C elongin A3 family member C 18q21.1
ELOA3D elongin A3 family member D TCEB3CL2 18q21.1
ELOB elongin B TCEB2 SIII 16p13.3
ELOC elongin C TCEB1 SIII 8q21.11