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Gene Family: C1q and TNF related (C1QTNF)

Also known as : "CTRP family"
A subset of : C1q domain containing

Genes contained within the family: 18

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
ADIPOQ adiponectin, C1Q and collagen domain containing ACDC ACRP30, AdipoQ, apM1, GBP28, adiponectin 3q27.3
C1QTNF1 C1q and TNF related 1 CTRP1, ZSIG37, GIP, FLJ90694 17q25.3
C1QTNF2 C1q and TNF related 2 CTRP2 5q33.3
C1QTNF3 C1q and TNF related 3 CTRP3, Cors, Corcs, 2310005P21Rik, Cors-26 5p13.2
C1QTNF4 C1q and TNF related 4 CTRP4, ZACRP4 11p11.2
C1QTNF5 C1q and TNF related 5 CTRP5, DKFZp586B0621, LORD 11q23.3
C1QTNF6 C1q and TNF related 6 CTRP6, ZACRP6 22q12.3
C1QTNF7 C1q and TNF related 7 CTRP7 4p15.32
C1QTNF8 C1q and TNF related 8 UNQ5829, CTRP8 16p13.3
C1QTNF9 C1q and TNF related 9 MGC48915, CTRP9, C1QTNF9A, AQL1 13q12.12
C1QTNF9B C1q and TNF related 9B CTRP9B 13q12.12
C1QL2 complement C1q like 2 C1QTNF10, CTRP10 2q14.2
C1QL4 complement C1q like 4 C1QTNF11, CTRP11 12q13.12
C1QTNF12 C1q and TNF related 12 C1QDC2, FAM132A MGC105127, CTRP12, ADIPOLIN 1p36.33
C1QL3 complement C1q like 3 K100, CTRP13, C1QTNF13, C1ql 10p13
C1QL1 complement C1q like 1 CTRP14, CRF, C1QTNF14, C1QRF 17q21.31
ERFE erythroferrone FAM132B C1QTNF15, FLJ37034, CTRP15 2q37.3
OTOL1 otolin 1 C1QTNF15, C1QTNF16 3q26.1