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Gene Family: CAP superfamily

Also known as : "cysteine rich secretory proteins, antigen 5, and pathogenesis related 1 proteins superfamily ", "CRISP, antigen 5 and Pr-1 (CAP) protein superfamily", "sperm-coating glycoprotein (SCP) family", "SCP/TAPS (Sperm-coating protein/Tpx/antigen 5/pathogenesis related-1/Sc7) superfamily"

CAP superfamily: The CAP superfamily ( cysteine-rich secretory proteins, antigen 5, and pathogenesis-related 1 proteins (CAP)) is a large superfamily of secreted proteins that are produced by a wide range of organisms, including prokaryotes and non- vertebrate eukaryotes. Members are most often secreted and have an extracellular endocrine or paracrine function and are involved in processes including the regulation of extracellular matrix and branching morphogenesis, potentially as either proteases or protease inhibitors; in ion channel regulation in fertility ; as tumour suppressor or pro- oncogenic genes in tissues including the prostate ; and in cell-cell adhesion during fertilisation. The overall protein structural conservation within the CAP superfamily results in fundamentally similar functions for the CAP domain in all members, yet the diversity outside of this core region dramatically alters the target specificity and, thus, the biological consequences. [Source: Wikipedia]

Family contains the following subsets

Genes contained within the family: 6

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
CRISPLD1 cysteine rich secretory protein LCCL domain containing 1 LCRISP1 Cocoacrisp, DKFZp762F133 8q21.13
CRISPLD2 cysteine rich secretory protein LCCL domain containing 2 LCRISP2 DKFZP434B044, LGL1 16q24.1
GLIPR2 GLI pathogenesis related 2 C9orf19 GAPR-1 9p13.3
PI15 peptidase inhibitor 15 P25TI 8q21.13
PI16 peptidase inhibitor 16 MGC45378, dJ90K10.5, MSMBBP, CD364 6p21.2
R3HDML R3H domain containing like dJ881L22.3 20q13.12

Genes contained within subsets


PLEASE NOTE: THIS GENE FAMILY HAS NOT BEEN REVIEWED BY OUR SCIENTIFIC EXPERT ADVISORS YET The genes on this page are all separate CAP subfamilies, each with only one human gene member

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