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Gene Family: BRCA1 C complex

BRCA1 C complex: BRCA1 forms a complex with RBBP8 and MRN (MRE11/RAD50/NBN) in a cell cycle-dependent manner during S and G2 phase of the cell cycle through the BRCT domains of BRCA1 binding to phosphorylated S327, a CDK phosphorylation site of RBBP8 in a phospho-SPxF motif. The MRN complex also has other functions not related to its role in the BRCA1 C complex. RBBP8 is required for DNA end resection at the initial step of homologous recombination (HR) dependent DSB repair CTIP promotes DNA end resection by interacting and stimulating the nuclease activity of the MRN complex. The complex formation of BRCA1-RBBP8-MRN is important for facilitating DSB resection to generate single-stranded DNA that is needed for HR-mediated DSB repair. [Source: Wang, 2012]

Genes contained within the family: 5

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
BRCA1 BRCA1, DNA repair associated RNF53, BRCC1, PPP1R53, FANCS 17q21.31
MRE11 MRE11 homolog, double strand break repair nuclease MRE11A ATLD 11q21
NBN nibrin NBS, NBS1 ATV, AT-V2, AT-V1 8q21.3
RAD50 RAD50 double strand break repair protein hRad50, RAD50-2 5q31.1
RBBP8 RB binding protein 8, endonuclease SCKL2 CtIP, RIM, COM1 18q11.2