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Gene Family: Cavins (CAVIN)

Also known as : "PTRF/SDPR family"

Cavins: Caveolae are specialized plasma membrane domains that form flask-shaped invaginations. They are involved in cell signalling and transport and have been shown to critically regulate metabolism and vascular permeability and blood pressure. The organization and functions of caveolae are mediated by coat proteins called caveolins (Caveolin1-3) and cavins (Cavin1-4). [Source: Hansen and Nichols, 2010]

Genes contained within the family: 4

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
CAVIN1 caveolae associated protein 1 PTRF cavin-1, CGL4 17q21.31
CAVIN2 caveolae associated protein 2 SDPR SDR, PS-p68, cavin-2 2q32.3
CAVIN3 caveolae associated protein 3 PRKCDBP SRBC, HSRBC, MGC20400, cavin-3 11p15.4
CAVIN4 caveolae associated protein 4 MURC cavin-4 9q31.1