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Gene Family: Desmosomal cadherins (DSC, DSG)

A subset of : Major cadherins

Desmosomal cadherins: The desmosomal cadherins, desmogleins (Dsgs) and desmocollins (Dscs), are transmembrane molecules that mediate adhesion through their extracellular domains and serve as a scaffold for assembly of the desmosomal plaque through their cytoplasmic domains.

Genes contained within the family: 7

Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
DSC1 desmocollin 1 CDHF1 18q12.1
DSC2 desmocollin 2 DSC3 CDHF2 18q12.1
DSC3 desmocollin 3 DSC4 CDHF3, DSC, DSC1, DSC2 18q12.1
DSG1 desmoglein 1 DSG CDHF4 18q12.1
DSG2 desmoglein 2 CDHF5 18q12.1
DSG3 desmoglein 3 CDHF6 18q12.1
DSG4 desmoglein 4 CDHF13, LAH 18q12.1

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