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HGNC Gene Families/Groupings Nomenclature

Stem symbol schemes

We strongly encourage the development of nomenclature schemes using a "stem" (or "root") symbol for members of a gene family or grouping, with a hierarchical numbering system to distinguish the individual members. This is an efficient and useful way to name large numbers of related genes, and already works well for a number of established gene groupings. When a new gene nomenclature scheme is proposed, we try to contact a number of scientists prominent in that specialist area, to ensure that the majority are in agreement over the symbols (see Specialist Advisors).

Proposals for new gene nomenclature schemes should be sent to:

Gene families/grouping resources

The pages listed below include finalised HGNC resources, those under review and other sites that do not necessarily contain correct nomenclature. Sites which do use approved nomenclature are shown as HGNC approved. To avoid confusion, the HGNC approved stem symbols are highlighted in bold (within red brackets) and the approved HGNC Gene Family groups without a common "stem" symbol are also highlighted in bold, both are linked to the Nomenclature Database.

The specialist advisor icon denotes there is a specialist advisor for the Gene Family and links to our specialist advisor page.

Download the HGNC Gene Family dataset

Click here for the complete HGNC Gene Family dataset in text format.