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Tetratricopeptide (TTC) repeat domain containing

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Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
ANAPC7 anaphase promoting complex subunit 7 APC7 12q13.12
BBS4 Bardet-Biedl syndrome 4 15q22.3-q23
CDC16 cell division cycle 16 APC6, ANAPC6, CUT9 13q34
CDC23 cell division cycle 23 APC8, ANAPC8, CUT23 5q31
CDC27 cell division cycle 27 D0S1430E, D17S978E APC3, ANAPC3, NUC2 17q21.32
CFAP46 cilia and flagella associated protein 46 C10orf123, C10orf124, C10orf93, C10orf92, TTC40 DKFZp434A1721, bA288G11.4, bA288G11.5, bB137A17.2, FLJ25954, bB137A17.3 10q26.3
CFAP70 cilia and flagella associated protein 70 TTC18 FLJ25765 10q22.3
CNOT10 CCR4-NOT transcription complex subunit 10 FLJ12890, FLJ13165 3p23
CTR9 CTR9 homolog, Paf1/RNA polymerase II complex component SH2BP1 KIAA0155, TSBP, p150TSP 11p15.3
DNAJC3 DnaJ heat shock protein family (Hsp40) member C3 PRKRI P58, P58IPK, HP58 13q32
DNAJC7 DnaJ heat shock protein family (Hsp40) member C7 TTC2 TPR2 17q21.2
DYX1C1 dyslexia susceptibility 1 candidate 1 EKN1, FLJ37882, CILD25, DNAAF4 15q21.3
FKBP4 FK506 binding protein 4 FKBP59, FKBP52 12p13.33
FKBP5 FK506 binding protein 5 FKBP51, FKBP54, PPIase, P54, Ptg-10 6p21.31
FKBP8 FK506 binding protein 8 FKBP38, FKBPr38 19p12
FKBPL FK506 binding protein like DIR1, NG7, WISp39 6p21.3
GPSM1 G-protein signaling modulator 1 AGS3, DKFZP727I051 9q34.3
GPSM2 G-protein signaling modulator 2 DFNB82 LGN, Pins 1p13.3
GTF3C3 general transcription factor IIIC subunit 3 TFiiiC2-102, TFIIIC102 2q33.1
IFIT1 interferon induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 1 G10P1, IFI56, IFNAI1 GARG-16 10q23.31
IFIT1B interferon induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 1B IFIT1L bA149I23.6 10q23.31
IFIT2 interferon induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 2 IFI54, G10P2 IFI-54, ISG-54K, cig42, GARG-39 10q23.31
IFIT3 interferon induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 3 IFIT4 ISG60, RIG-G, CIG-49, IFI60, GARG-49, IRG2 10q23.31
IFIT5 interferon induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 5 RI58 10q23.31
IFT88 intraflagellar transport 88 TTC10 hTg737, Tg737, D13S1056E, MGC26259 13q12.1
KDM6A lysine (K)-specific demethylase 6A UTX Xp11.2
KLC1 kinesin light chain 1 KNS2 KNS2A, KLC, hKLC1S, hKLC1N, hKLC1P, hKLC1G, hKLC1R, hKLC1J, hKLC1B 14q32.3
KLC2 kinesin light chain 2 FLJ12387 11q13.1
KLC3 kinesin light chain 3 KLC2L, KNS2B, KLCt 19q13
KLC4 kinesin light chain 4 KNSL8 bA387M24.3 6p21.1
NAA16 N(alpha)-acetyltransferase 16, NatA auxiliary subunit NARG1L FLJ22054, MGC40612, PRO2435 13q14.11
NASP nuclear autoantigenic sperm protein (histone-binding) FLB7527, FLJ31599, FLJ35510, MGC19722, MGC20372, MGC2297, DKFZp547F162, PRO1999 1p34.1
NCF2 neutrophil cytosolic factor 2 p67phox, NOXA2 1q25
NPHP3 nephronophthisis 3 (adolescent) NPH3, KIAA2000, FLJ30691, FLJ36696, MKS7, SLSN3, CFAP31 3q22
OGT O-linked N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) transferase O-GLCNAC, HRNT1, MGC22921, FLJ23071 Xq13
PEX5 peroxisomal biogenesis factor 5 PXR1 PTS1R 12p13.31
PEX5L peroxisomal biogenesis factor 5-like PEX5R, PXR2, TRIP8b 3q27.1
PPID peptidylprolyl isomerase D CYP-40 4q31.3
PPP5C protein phosphatase 5, catalytic subunit PPP5 PP5 19q13.3
PPP5D1 PPP5 tetratricopeptide repeat domain containing 1 19q13.32
RANBP2 RAN binding protein 2 ANE1 NUP358, ADANE 2q13
RGPD1 RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 1 RGP1 2p11.2
RGPD2 RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 2 RGP2, RANBP2L2 2p11.2
RGPD3 RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 3 RGP3 2q12.2
RGPD4 RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 4 RGP4, DKFZp686P0288 2q12.3
RGPD5 RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 5 RGP5, BS-63, DKFZp686I1842 2q13
RGPD6 RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 6 RGP6 2q13
RGPD8 RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 8 RANBP2L1 RanBP2alpha 2q13
RPAP3 RNA polymerase II associated protein 3 FLJ21908, spag 12q13.11
SGTA small glutamine-rich tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-containing, alpha SGT 19p13
SGTB small glutamine-rich tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-containing, beta Sgt2, FLJ39002 5q12.3
SH3TC1 SH3 domain and tetratricopeptide repeats 1 FLJ20356 4p16.1
SH3TC2 SH3 domain and tetratricopeptide repeats 2 KIAA1985, CMT4C 5q32
SNX21 sorting nexin family member 21 C20orf161 dJ337O18.4, SNX-L 20q13.12
SPAG1 sperm associated antigen 1 SP75, FLJ32920, HSD-3.8, TPIS, CT140, CILD28 8q22
SRP72 signal recognition particle 72kDa 4q11
ST13 suppression of tumorigenicity 13 (colon carcinoma) (Hsp70 interacting protein) SNC6, HSPABP1, HIP, P48, FAM10A1 22q13.2
STIP1 stress induced phosphoprotein 1 HOP, STI1 11q13
STUB1 STIP1 homology and U-box containing protein 1, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase UBOX1, CHIP, SDCCAG7, HSPABP2, NY-CO-7 16p13.3
TANC1 tetratricopeptide repeat, ankyrin repeat and coiled-coil containing 1 KIAA1728, ROLSB 2q24.2
TANC2 tetratricopeptide repeat, ankyrin repeat and coiled-coil containing 2 DKFZP564D166, FLJ10215, FLJ11824, KIAA1148, KIAA1636, rols, ROLSA 17q23.3
TMTC1 transmembrane and tetratricopeptide repeat containing 1 ARG99, OLF, FLJ31400, FLJ41625 12p11.22
TMTC2 transmembrane and tetratricopeptide repeat containing 2 DKFZp762A217 12q21.31
TMTC3 transmembrane and tetratricopeptide repeat containing 3 FLJ90492, SMILE 12q21.32
TMTC4 transmembrane and tetratricopeptide repeat containing 4 FLJ14624, FLJ22153 13q32.3
TOMM34 translocase of outer mitochondrial membrane 34 TOM34, HTOM34P 20q12-q13.1
TOMM70A translocase of outer mitochondrial membrane 70 homolog A (S. cerevisiae) KIAA0719 3q12.2
TRANK1 tetratricopeptide repeat and ankyrin repeat containing 1 LBA1, KIAA0342 3p22.2
TRAPPC12 trafficking protein particle complex 12 TTC15 CGI-87, TTC-15 2p25.3
TTC1 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 1 TPR1 5q32-q33.2
TTC3 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 3 TPRD, TPRDI, DCRR1, TPRDII, TPRDIII, RNF105 21q22.2
TTC4 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 4 MGC5097, FLJ41930 1p32
TTC5 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 5 Strap 14q11.2
TTC6 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 6 NCRNA00291, C14orf25 14q13.1
TTC7A tetratricopeptide repeat domain 7A TTC7 KIAA1140 2p16.3
TTC7B tetratricopeptide repeat domain 7B TTC7L1 14q32.12
TTC8 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 8 BBS8, RP51 14q31.3
TTC9 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 9 KIAA0227, TTC9A 14q24.2
TTC9B tetratricopeptide repeat domain 9B FLJ30373 19q13.2
TTC9C tetratricopeptide repeat domain 9C MGC29649 11q12.3
TTC12 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 12 FLJ13859, FLJ20535, TPARM 11q23.2
TTC13 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 13 FLJ22584 1q42.2
TTC14 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 14 FLJ00166, KIAA1980 3q27.2
TTC16 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 16 FLJ32780 9q34.13
TTC17 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 17 FLJ10890 11p11.2
TTC19 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 19 FLJ20343, MGC19520 17p11.2
TTC21A tetratricopeptide repeat domain 21A STI2, IFT139A 3p22.2
TTC21B tetratricopeptide repeat domain 21B FLJ11457, JBTS11, NPHP12, IFT139B, THM1 2q24.3
TTC22 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 22 FLJ20619 1p32.3
TTC23 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 23 FLJ12572, HCC-8 15q26.3
TTC24 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 24 1q22
TTC25 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 25 DKFZP434H0115 17q21.2
TTC26 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 26 FLJ12571, dyf-13, DYF13, IFT56 7q34
TTC27 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 27 FLJ20272 2p22.3
TTC28 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 28 KIAA1043 22q12.1
TTC29 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 29 NYD-SP14 4q31.23
TTC30A tetratricopeptide repeat domain 30A FLJ13946, IFT70A 2q31.2
TTC30B tetratricopeptide repeat domain 30B FLJ30990, fleer, IFT70B 2q31.2
TTC31 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 31 FLJ12788 2p13.1
TTC32 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 32 2p24.1
TTC33 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 33 OSRF 5p13.1
TTC34 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 34 1p36.32
TTC36 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 36 HBP21 11q23.3
TTC37 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 37 KIAA0372 THES 5q15
TTC38 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 38 FLJ20699 22q13
TTC39A tetratricopeptide repeat domain 39A C1orf34 KIAA0452, DEME-6 1p32.3
TTC39B tetratricopeptide repeat domain 39B C9orf52 FLJ33868 9p22.2
TTC39C tetratricopeptide repeat domain 39C C18orf17 FLJ33761, HsT2697 18q11.2
UTY ubiquitously transcribed tetratricopeptide repeat containing, Y-linked KDM6AL Yq11.221
WDTC1 WD and tetratricopeptide repeats 1 KIAA1037, ADP, DCAF9 1p35.3
ZC3H7A zinc finger CCCH-type containing 7A ZC3HDC7, ZC3H7 HSPC055, FLJ20318 16p13-p12
ZC3H7B zinc finger CCCH-type containing 7B RoXaN, FLJ13787, DKFZp434K0920, KIAA1031 22q13.2

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