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This is our older gene family page that is no longer maintained. Please go to our new look gene family index to view a complete list of our new maintained gene families. More information can be found in our gene families help page.

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Serine (or cysteine) peptidase inhibitors

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Please also see Serine peptidase inhibitors, Kazal type

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Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
SERPINA1 serpin family A member 1 PI AAT, A1A, PI1, alpha-1-antitrypsin, A1AT, alpha1AT 14q32.13
SERPINA2 serpin family A member 2 (gene/pseudogene) PIL, SERPINA2P ATR, ARGS 14q32.13
SERPINA3 serpin family A member 3 AACT ACT 14q32.13
SERPINA4 serpin family A member 4 PI4 KST, KAL, KLST, kallistatin 14q32.13
SERPINA5 serpin family A member 5 PLANH3, PCI PAI3, PROCI 14q32.13
SERPINA6 serpin family A member 6 CBG 14q32.13
SERPINA7 serpin family A member 7 TBG Xq22.3
AGT angiotensinogen SERPINA8 1q42.2
SERPINA9 serpin family A member 9 CENTERIN, SERPINA11b, GCET1 14q32.13
SERPINA10 serpin family A member 10 PZI, ZPI 14q32.13
SERPINA11 serpin family A member 11 14q32.13
SERPINA12 serpin family A member 12 OL-64, Vaspin 14q32.13
SERPINA13P serpin family A member 13, pseudogene SERPINA13 UNQ6121 14q32.13
SERPINB1 serpin family B member 1 ELANH2 EI, PI2, anti-elastase 6p25.2
SERPINB2 serpin family B member 2 PLANH2, PAI2 HsT1201 18q21.33-q22.1
SERPINB3 serpin family B member 3 SCC, SCCA1 T4-A, HsT1196 18q21.33
SERPINB4 serpin family B member 4 SCCA2 PI11, LEUPIN, SCCA-2, SCCA1 18q21.33
SERPINB5 serpin family B member 5 PI5 maspin 18q21.33
SERPINB6 serpin family B member 6 PI6, DFNB91 PTI, CAP 6p25.2
SERPINB7 serpin family B member 7 MEGSIN 18q21.33
SERPINB8 serpin family B member 8 PI8 CAP2 18q22.1
SERPINB9 serpin family B member 9 PI9 CAP3 6p25.2
SERPINB10 serpin family B member 10 PI10 bomapin 18q21.3
SERPINB11 serpin family B member 11 (gene/pseudogene) EPIPIN 18q21.33
SERPINB12 serpin family B member 12 YUKOPIN 18q21.33
SERPINB13 serpin family B member 13 PI13 HUR7, hurpin, headpin 18q21.33
SERPINC1 serpin family C member 1 AT3 ATIII, MGC22579 1q25.1
SERPIND1 serpin family D member 1 HCF2 HC-II, HLS2, HC2, D22S673 22q11.21
SERPINE1 serpin family E member 1 PLANH1, PAI1 PAI 7q22.1
SERPINE2 serpin family E member 2 PI7 PN1, GDN, PNI, nexin 2q36.1
SERPINE3 serpin family E member 3 13q14.3
SERPINF1 serpin family F member 1 PEDF EPC-1, PIG35 17p13.3
SERPINF2 serpin family F member 2 PLI API, ALPHA-2-PI, A2AP, AAP 17p13.3
SERPING1 serpin family G member 1 C1NH C1IN, C1-INH, HAE1, HAE2 11q12.1
SERPINH1 serpin family H member 1 CBP1, CBP2, SERPINH2 HSP47, colligen 11q13.5
SERPINI1 serpin family I member 1 PI12 neuroserpin 3q26.1
SERPINI2 serpin family I member 2 PI14 PANCPIN, TSA2004, MEPI, pancpin 3q26.1

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