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Arylsulfatase family

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Approved Symbol Approved Name Previous Symbols Synonyms Chromosome
ARSA arylsulfatase A 22q13.33
ARSB arylsulfatase B 5q14.1
ARSC2 arylsulfatase C, isozyme F ARSC X
ARSD arylsulfatase D Xp22.3
ARSE arylsulfatase E (chondrodysplasia punctata 1) CDPX, CDPX1 Xp22.33
ARSF arylsulfatase F Xp22.3
ARSG arylsulfatase G KIAA1001 17q24.2
ARSH arylsulfatase family, member H Xp22.33
ARSI arylsulfatase family, member I FLJ16069, SPG66 5q32
ARSJ arylsulfatase family, member J FLJ23548 4q26
ARSK arylsulfatase family, member K DKFZp313G1735, TSULF 5q15
GALNS galactosamine (N-acetyl)-6-sulfatase GAS, GALNAC6S 16q24.3
STS steroid sulfatase (microsomal), isozyme S ARSC1 ARSC Xp22.32

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